18 Nov 2023

Fineliner Ink Animal Drawings

Fineliner drawings of animals in water, land and air.

Kristin Frost employs a refined kind of artistry, to capture these animals in mid motion. I guess all with the exception of the red panda, who is taking a nap on the tree. The little critter looks so serene, lying there without a care in the world...

The dynamism of the scenes really shine bright in the illustrations of the sea lions and the slow and measured approach of the snow leopard..

The sweet image of the black bear getting a back scratch on the tree and the mesmerising flight of the pigeons, are only a portion of what awaits you below.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Frost's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Flying pigeons.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Snow Leopard.
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Sea Lions and fish.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
black bear back scratch.
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Blue Whale.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Red Panda.
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The frog and the lily blossoms.
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The angelfish.
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The bull.
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