17 Nov 2023

Ink and Pencil Sweet Little Creature Drawings

Animals and a pair of trees, transformed into sweet creatures.

These Fantasy and Surreal images are the creation of Artist Dave Mottram.

Each one has a root in the real world. They then go through a change, which make them look more anthropomorphic.

I particularly gravitate towards the fun ones like: The raccoon slumped over with no energy but to look so tiered and in real need of sleep. Didn't get much sleep lat night and I know exactly how she/he feels.

In second and third palace, the trees and the elephant. Both helped bring a smile to my face and for that I am grateful to Mottram.

The other ink and pencil illustrations keep that smile going all the way down the page. Like surfing a wave, once you catch it, just stay on it and enjoy the ride.   

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
On the toad steed.
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An exhausted raccoon.
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Anthropomorphic trees.
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The elephant's favourite book.
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A smart looking rat.
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The owl DJ.
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Dapper looking frog.
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The grasshopper restaurant manager.
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Baking for pumpkin cake.
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The patient dodo.
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