2 Dec 2023

Animals in Ink Playing Cards Drawings

Lovely animals assigned a suit and number, from a deck of playing cards

This is the work of French Artist whom goes by the name Kiwou. This artist took part in the Inktober challenge, using critters on a deck of cards, to express the prompt.

The black background with the white drawing does so much to bring out the best in these images. There is one exception: Drawing number 5, the nine of spades, sea turtle. You can see the difference between that and the rest. It's only thanks to the cuteness of the little sea creature, that it can sit side by side with the rest of them.

Fantastic idea and what a wonderful playing set that would be, if the artist assigned an animal for all 52 cards.

What animal/s would you like to see features in a possible deck, which has on appeared on this page?

Have a great start to the weekend and enjoy Kiwou's art.
Queen of hearts cat.
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King of diamonds eagle.
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Eight of diamonds penguin.
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Eight of hearts bison.
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Nine of spades sea turtle.
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Seven of hearts red panda.
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Queen of clubs ladybird.
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Queen of spades Narwhal.
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Jack of spades anglerfish.
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Seven of diamonds white peahen.
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