9 Dec 2023

Drawings of Fantasy Adventures of a Wizard

Drawings drawn for Inktober, have meaning beyond the reason for their existence.

Taiwanese Artist Chris Office is the creator of the images you see on this post.

Even though each one has it's own prompt, I have given them titles inspired by the scene. A great way of demonstrating that, it's not just beauty which is in the eye of the beholder.

They all feature a wizard, whom takes part in the scene directly or indirectly.

I have to say, the two images I like the best involve the big dog and cat. As much as I would love an enormous dog like this, can you imagine buying and preparing food for a canine this big? Still love the idea of having one. As far as the cat... Love their eccentric spirit and how comfortable the wizard looks, sleeping on its stomach.

So many more cool characters to meet below. I will not keep you any longer. Happy exploring.
Heading for adventure with your toad steed.
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A distinct feeling of deja vu.
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Taking my little dog for a walk.
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Ancient cat statue.
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Walking into a trap.
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Taking to the skies with my rooster.
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Swapping stories with my friend the giant.
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Ghost protectors.
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Lighting up the night.
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Sleeping on my soft cosy cat.
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