21 Dec 2023

Thoughts and Wishes in Fantasy Drawings

Trees and animals spending time with each other in many of these fantasy drawings.

Jonathon Stalls refers to himself as a walking artist. His ink drawings, full of symbolism and words of comfort to the viewers of his works.

My favourite are the third drawing. The one I called dreams and daydreams. They take place, both during sleep and waking moments. Side by side in both states of being.

The next one is the first drawing down. The tree with the big heart.  It sits at the centre of life, in nature. The deer and the birds, two of many animals whom benefit from the resources trees provides.

Subtle messages in many of the other illustrations below, will see you look and read your way through this post.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The heart of the tree.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The dog and the moon.
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Dreams and Daydreams.
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The wolf and the tree.
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The lion, elephant and giraffe.
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The star lit elephant.
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A fish flying with the bird.
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The jackalope amid the stars.
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The owl bringing the night.
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Well wishes from the bear.
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