21 Jan 2024

Celebrity Pencil Portraits and More

Celebrity portraits and a couple more additions.

Artist Bertuccio has this to say on his Instagram page: "Trying to learn some portraiture in my free time..."

Famous people accompanied by statues and images inspired by known works of art.

Different backgrounds finishes and styles, make sure you are guaranteed a variety of looks.

Furthermore, minimalist drawings offset by more realistic ones and a few in between.

I read a few of this artist's, explaining the process and how he went about completing the portraits. He seems to be so interested in the learning experience, as much as the results he achieves. Learning lessons is a great way of improving your skills.

I like Bertuccio's work and style. Some very promising attributes for this artist's future.
Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings actor Travis Fimmel.
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Michael Fassbender.
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Minimalist drawing.
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Marlon Brando.
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John Malkovich.
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St. Peter in Prision.
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Pasha Harulia.
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Psyche de Naples.
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Adrien Brody.
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Jordi Coly.
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Shy Peasant.
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