14 Jan 2024

Colour Pen Creature Drawings

Very cool, imaginative creature and animal illustrations.

Japanese Masanori Sato (佐藤正徳) is the artist behind the art on this page.

Colours and diverse designs, are only two of the best qualities which come side by side with the form of each and every character below.

I love the hairy creature dressed in colourful clothing. The panicked look of the cat, as the controls to the robot might not be responding as well as it first thought...

The drawing of the cat and the lion. The latter sporting a cute little pink pig tattoo on its left arm. The bird whisperer and last but not least, the creature containing a swirling universe under its glass domed head.

So much out of this world art, bound to make your Sunday a fantastic one. Enjoy both.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The hairy psychedelic creature.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Cat piloting the robot.
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The king lion and the cat.
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The smartly dress toad.
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The bird whisperer.
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The happy colourful king.
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The school of fish.
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An expression which means business.
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The cat creature.
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The strong skull creature.
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The universe creature.
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