3 Jan 2024

Magical Pencil Creature Drawings

Magical creatures which include dragons and all sorts of fantasy animals.

We have been a fan of Self-Taught Artist Alvia Alcedo for many years, here on DesignStack.

Colour pencils and paints add to the magic included on this page. A fantastic way of softening or sharpening the profile and features of the animal in question.

My two favourite ones are both dragons: The purple one reading a book and the golden one swimming around with its little goldfish friends.

Plenty more to explore and discover. I will let you get to it now.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Alcedo's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Magic bird and chicks.
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Dragon with a present.
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03-The-dragon-with-a-book-Creature-Drawings-Alvia-Alcedo-www-designstack-co The dragon with a book.
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04-The-golden-dragon-Creature-Drawings-Alvia-Alcedo-www-designstack-co The golden dragon and fish.
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05-Blue-and-white-dragon-Creature-Drawings-Alvia-Alcedo-www-designstack-co Blue and white dragon.
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06-The-wolf-and-moon-Creature-Drawings-Alvia-Alcedo-www-designstack-co The wolf and the full moon.
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07-Colourful-dragon-Creature-Drawings-Alvia-Alcedo-www-designstack-co Colourful dragon.
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The dragon and its friends.
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The baby griffin.
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The dragon getting ready to go to sleep.
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The dragon with the crystal ball.
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