19 Mar 2024

Realistic Colour Pencil Bird Drawings

Hyper realistic coloured pencil drawings of birds.

Bele comes from Thailand and is the artist whom created all of the illustrations below.

For me, there are two main characteristics to mention about the depictions below.

The first.  This is the first things which strikes you about these birds.  The quality and the clean, perfect finish the artist is able to achieve.

The second, Which probably goes unnoticed when the first is so prominent.  The choice of birds the artist opted to depict.  The amazing colouring, shape of the bird and plumage patterns.

Furthermore, colour pencils, a few plants and flowers, add even more colour and interest to the composition.

Art well worth spending time appreciating.  I will let you get right to it.

For more of Bele's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
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Hummingbird's wings.
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Kingfisher and purple flowers.
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Yellow and blue bird.
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Toucan and a monstera plant.
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Mandarin Duck preening.
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The parrot and flowers.
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Siamese albino fish.
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Hummingbird focused.
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Northern Cardinal birds.
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