8 Apr 2024

Fantasy and Real Life Urban Architecture Drawings

Architecture drawings based in fantasy and reality, to get you started into your new week.

The artist whom goes by the name of alan_doeverything is the one whom owns and has created all of the illustrations on this page.

There are so many beautiful views of urban life.  Some as I mentioned above, are of a different kind of urban...

There are various aspects which make me like this artist's work.  Not only in the beautiful execution, but also in the choice of building and view,  All that said, there are two which I love.

First:  Is the first drawing below.  The building makes the excellent execution of the piece, even more delightful to look at.  It's a view not usually associate with architectural drawings, which is another aspect, which adds to the finish piece.

Second.  Is the second drawing.  The one of the floating island.  That alone would be enough for people to want to visit or want to own it. When you add to it all of the extras you can see in the picture...  That's when you begin to understand why I am highlighting it.  A lovely mansion house with a lighthouse.  A garden with mature trees under the controlled environment of a dome.  A flying ship to get you to and from home and so much more...

I invite you to go and visit the page and all of the wonderful locations they depict...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
House from above.
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House island with flying ship.
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House with terrace and balcony.
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Brickwork steps to the house.
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05-A busy-building-Architecture-Drawings-alan_doeverything-www-designstack-co
A busy building.
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The house and the garden.
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Bustling urban view.
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Building in blocks.
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Home sweet home.
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Cafe shop and residential above.
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