9 Apr 2024

Celebrity Traditional and Digital Art Portraits

Traditional drawings drawn with ink and graphite, in the company of Photoshop digital art ones.

Peter Farago is the artist whom created all the pictures on this page.

An array of famous personalities spanning several decades and centuries.

Singers, writers, actors and so much more, included in this post.  Qualities of both traditional and digital applications are sitting side by side, proud of the qualities their mediums present.

One of my favourites is the portrait of actor Gene Wilder.  He seemed to be a really nice person and has been in some of my favourite movies.  The clothing he is wearing in this image, could be from one of them:  "Young Frankenstein."  It's a very funny black and white film.

The only one which sits apart from the other celebrities, is the angel.  Not sure if it fits in the description of this post.  It's certainly beautiful enough to match the others and secure a spot here.

Have a Fantastic Tuesday.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Auguste Rodin.
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Johnny Depp.
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Gene Wilder.
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John Lennon.
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Peter O'Toole.
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Oscar Wilde.
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Angel N12.
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Bob Dylan.
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Kolya - Krasotkin.
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Eric Clapton.
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