12 Apr 2024

Ink Sketch Mixed Fantasy Drawings

Ink fountain pen drawings of animals, mostly birds.

Chloe Gendron (Longstride Illustration).  This is the artist whom created the sketches on this page.

Beautifully stylised art with a lot of detailing and realism thrown into the equation.

My favourites are the first two drawings.  Very descriptive images, which do all of the explaining, without the need for words.

Many everyday animals, tag team the views with mythical beings like:  A dragon, mermaid and a phoenix.  These creatures mix in and standout at the same time, with their fascinating magical aura...

For more of Gendron's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Sad face.
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The Lord of Dreams.
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Storm Hawk.
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The Dragon.
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Hawk attack.
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The Phoenix.
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The mermaid.
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The cobra snake and the raven.
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09-The-crow-and-fox-Sketch-Drawings-Chloe-Gendron-www-designstack-coThe crow and fox - Sketch Drawings by Chloe Gendron
The crow and the fox.
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The black bird's profile.
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