13 Apr 2024

Pencil Pastel Colour Animal Drawings

Pencil pastel colour animal drawings.

Jackie Brown created all of the art on this post.

Deep and colourful drawings, full of subtle details.  Every little line and colour, which make these animals so familiar to us.  

The sign of a good piece of art, is sometimes measured by the effect it has on the viewer.  The ones we commonly call, our favourites.  The ones which, without noticing, we find ourselves staring at just a little longer than the rest.  We see images associated with them or our mind adds motion the static picture in front of us.  A dsplay of what happens next.

The illustrations which have this effect on me are: The sweet look of the orangutan and her little baby.  The expressive single eye of the Aberdeen Angus and its lovely hairstyle.  The bushy tail of the red squirrel and the loving interaction of the foxes, at the end of the page.  

How about you?...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Orangutan mother and child.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The little frogs.
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The giraffes.
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The tiger and cub.
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The peacock.
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The Aberdeen Angus.
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The wolf and the moon.
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The Husky dog.
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The cat and flowers.
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The red squirrel.
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The loving foxes.
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