4 Apr 2024

People Portraits in Pencil Drawings

Striking pencil drawings.

The art on this page was created by an Indian Artist, whom goes by the name of Artist Canvas.

Many subjects explored in these strong graphite illustrations.  All of the details are really punched in.  A lot of confidence and attention to every portion of the picture.

Some of my favourite are: The detailing in the mobile seller, in the first image below. The silent, calm yet powerful expression of the second drawing.  The skyline in the background of a glass pod, two people are sitting in.  In contrast to these highly detailed drawings, stands the one I called shadows.  It lacks none of the strength and contains all of the interest all of its counterparts on the page have.

I find the other pictures no less interesting.  Just thought I would highlight these and give you a chance to encounter the rest without prior introduction.   

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The mobile hawker.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Playing the guitar.
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The views of the skyline.
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Deep in thought.
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Writing a difficult letter...
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Motocross trick.
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Horse riding.
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Shadows in the night.
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An all night cafe.
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A kind gesture.
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