14 Jun 2024

Drawings with Real Life Items

Art and real life come together in these sweet sketches.

Jesuso Ortiz is the artist whom setup the drawing and the props on this page.

A fantastic dose of imagination allowed this artist to come up with these lovely settings.  The characters sometimes meld with the real life objects and sometimes they interact with them.

I was going to mention two of my favourites...  They quickly became four and I made myself stop there.  The first drawing down.  Love how Ortiz made the flower petal into a fish and then interact so sweetly with the child.

The next drawing down.  The child blowing what should be a soap bubble, when it's a tomato instead.

Fourth drawing down.  The child spending time with her lemon duck friend.

Finally, the eleventh and last drawing down.  The child having a chat with the flower porcupine.  This one, for me, is the cutest one of all.

What do you think?  Which ones are your favourites?
The blue flower fish.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Blowing a tomato bubble.
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Tomato balloons.
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With my lemon duck.
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The banana skirt.
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The leaf carnival mask.
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The rose ballerina.
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Walking the dinosaur.
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Flying off with the grape balloons.
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The orange donkey.
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The flower porcupine.
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