15 Jun 2024

Children's Book illustrations in Pencil and Watercolor

Wonderful children's book illustrations, to allow them to use their imagination from a young age.

Konstadina Selisiou is the artist whom created all of the works on this page.

Fantastic color pencil drawings, mostly involving young people in all sorts of fantasy filled situations.

Many revolve around reading and writing.  The are then the ones which catch that sometimes surreal wind.  It transports them to all manner of whimsical adventures.  A few of which, are visited here.

A chance to look back at your childhood powers of imagination in the hope you will rekindle it, to keep or rediscover in adulthood.

Have a look at these drawings and let's see if it works...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Happy with your favourite book.
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Fist steps as a writer.
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Creating fantastic stories, to live in your imagination.
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A bath with your little whale and octopus.
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A summer holiday.
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The seamstress sewing.
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The art of sewing.
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Going for a swim.
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Reading and enthralling.
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Elevated by knowledge.
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