9 Jun 2024

Ink Sketchbook Fantasy Art Sketches

Fantasy and imagination, in ink sketchbook drawings.

Polish Graphic designer and Illustrator Renata Krawczyk is the one whom created all of the illustrations on this page.

Fantastic and inspired scenes unfold one after the other, in this sometimes surreal post.

The drawings which I see myself gravitate towards, are in succession of one another.  The first is drawing three.  The lovely island with houses dotted all around it and the paper boats on the coast.  The second is the fourth drawing down.  The sweetest little mouse, fast asleep in a shoe in the middle of a field.  The third drawing, is the fifth one down.  It's the starred light bulb and the waves emanating from its centre.  This is also my favourite in this post.  I am unsure of the specific reason...  There is something very relaxing and serene about it.

Now a chance to find your favourite/s.  Enjoy the process of going through them and your Sunday.  

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Paper boats on the clouds.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Multi story house boat.
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Houses on a island with paper boats.
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A mouse sleeping in a shoe.
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Light bulb waves.
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Ravens putting up the lights.
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Sunshine breaking through the forest.
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Lamppost amongst the leaves.
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The girl with stars in her hair.
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A sweet house.
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