18 Jun 2024

Stories Told Through Marker Pen Eyes

Eyes drawn with marker pens to tell a story.

Larienne is the artist whom drew all of the art on this page.

A novel and original way of illustrating scenes, thoughts, seasons, sections of a day, feelings and celestial occurrences.  There is more, but I will leave you find our the rest in a moment.

Bright deep colours help the images give out this colourful fresh feeling, when you look at the drawings.

Colour is not the only factor here.  The eyes are shown from different perspectives and poses, to identify with the sentiment or situation they find themselves in.

A concept and style of art you may not have come across before. Ones which will hold your interest till the very last illustration...

You can now test my words, in the hope they accurately describe your feelings about Larienne's work...01-Birth-of-Rainbow-Marker-Pen-Eyes-Larienne-www-designstack-co
Birth of Rainbow.
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Cycle of a Day.
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Eye of the Season.
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Eyes of an Artist.
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Eye Tales - Studio Ghibli.
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Stages of Grief.
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Without Words.
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our Eyes like Starry Sky.
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