17 Jun 2024

Ink Sketchbook Architecture Fineliner Drawings

An ink fineliner, used to create rural and urban architecture in different settings.

Yusufkaya is the artist whom drew all of the art on this page.

A lot of stone goes into the structures which form houses and one commercial building in this post.  The use of this material automatically adds a historical and cosy component to the view.  A sense of romanticised comfort, which you are not that likely to experience in real life.

Fantastic choice of buildings and detailing by the artist, whom has put together a wonderful selection of houses with oodles of character and warmth in the appearance.

A nice look at architectural past, for your first day of the week.  Enjoy both.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The entrance to town.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Venice canal and gondola.
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Playing music to the cat.
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A rural .
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Old style farmer's house (Habitation at the top with livestock or produce kept below.).
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A stone staircase to the house.
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The boat and the windmill.
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Stone steps to the house.
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House with an external staircase.
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The church tower.
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Farmhouse with a wooden fence.
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