10 Dec 2018

Shangri-La Cabin Architecture in the Woods

A tiny house raised from the ground and immersed in nature.
Architects DRAA, created this home with a lot of input from the owners, a building which creates a low impact on the land, by using a thin concrete platform, out of which, stretches out a buttressed structure, like fingers on a hand, supporting the home.  As you climb the steps, you get to an airlock entrance, with the following areas and rooms: bedroom and bathroom, kitchenette and a sitting room with a massive glazed wall facing north, just above the canopy.  Shangri-La was referenced in the book Lost Horizon, written by author James Hilton.  It's a fantasy / fictional place, where you never age and it's described as being somewhere in the mountains of Tibet.

Warm Inside Admiring the Snow.
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Wood Stove and Wood Panelling.
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Living Room with Beautiful Views.
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Staircase to Entrance.
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Plenty of Windows to Enjoy Nature.
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Towering Among the Trees.
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In the Forest.
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Living in Nature.
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Night Time in a Cosy Home.
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