25 Dec 2018

Architecture in Bright Color Drawings

Lovely architectural buildings with plenty of detailing, beautifully replicated.
Katerina Brovka is a Russian Architect, Painter and Illustrator, that is not only artistically gifted, but is also equipped with a good eye for finding beautiful buildings and spaces to draw.  Her use of many different color markers, allows her to give her images a very realistic hue, at the same allowing her to inject a lot of light in her drawings.  More of her excellent work in a previous post here on DesignStack, you can find it in the link below.  PS. The drawings, didn't have titles, so I made some up.  Enjoy this walk through architecture.

Architectural Drawings and Urban Sketches

Stately Home or Palace.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Out for a Walk at Night.
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Galerie Vivienne.
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Balcony and Flowers.
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Glass and Wrought Iron Door.
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Stone and Wooden Door.
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I am guessing Venice?.
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Japanese Restaurant.
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Restaurant Open Air Seating.
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Quaint Internal Courtyard.
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Elegant and Decorative Windows and Balcony.
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A Church.
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