12 Jan 2019

Dog Portraits with Pastel Drawings

Dogs of all sizes and shapes immortalised in these very realistic drawings.
Danielle Fisher is a British self-taught artist that takes commissions from pet owners around the world.   Owners that want a reminder of they favourite companion and something more personal than a photograph.  Fisher creates portraits of many different animals, but for today's post I chose to focus it on dogs. (There is a link below, to another post regarding Fisher, here on DesignStack).   Bright expressions and the capability of capturing minute details, is what allows this very capable artist, to reinforce this indelible link between dog and owner, though her drawings. 

Realistic Pet and Wildlife Portraits

Bailey and Oliver.
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Shawnee the Red Golden Retriever.
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Stanley the Jack Russell.
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Dougie the Cocker Spaniel.
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Elly, Bear and Chase. Three generations of beautiful Black Labrador.
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Prince the Boxer.
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Border Terrier.
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Bentley the Pit Bull.
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Rosie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.
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Three Friends enjoying life together.
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Ziima the beautiful Samoyed WIP.
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