10 Jan 2019

Free Hand Nail Art Designs

Artist creates elaborate designs on her own nails.
American Artist Nicoya Grobman, loves to create these tiny works of art for her own enjoyment.  As she says on her social media page:  "THIS IS JUST A HOBBY".  I guess that this, is a subset of a body painting form of art.  All the nails on the hand a tied by one common theme, which can be holidays, the seasons or, any other subject you can think of.  From lightening and Tartan patterns, all the way to the coloring of a red delicious apple.  Art doesn't only come on a canvas shown in a museum, in this case we have mobile miniature paintings, that can be appreciated on a person's hand.  I always try and remind myself to Love art in all its forms...

Tartan Patterns.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Blue and white porcelain.
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Wrapping up Christmas designs.
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Winter birds.
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Red delicious apple design.
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Forest Walks in the Fall.
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Autumnal mountain.
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Ocean scene.
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Pumpkin, Apple, Olallieberry and Pecan Pie.
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Havana nights neon-like design.
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Lightning for a stormy night.
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Skeletal critters Bird Cat Bat and Rabbit.
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Snow Villages.
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