7 Jan 2019

Tiny House Architecture and The Stumble Home

A great Tiny House with a lot of character and plenty of great features.
Sunshine is the host of the Los Olivos MicroFarm in California.  This delightful place, is being rented on airbnb and it provides modern technology like TV internet and WiFi whilst at the same time, having access to all of the wholesome food products that are farmed on the property.   These include fruits and vegetables, that the guests are welcome to sample. Down to the specs, it can accommodate 4 people, with two on the Queen Murphy Bed in the living room and two in the California King sleeping loft.  With a modern kitchen and plenty of space to relax in outside, among animals and nature, I can't think of a better place to distress. A cosy home that has the character and amenities of a much larger house.

Seating area and Fire Pit.
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Living Room and Kitchen.
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Living Room Bedroom Area.
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Cosy Dining Area.
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Loft Master Bedroom.
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Outdoor Seating area.
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Fresh products.
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A relaxing glass of wine at the end of the day.
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Nighttime lights.
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