8 Jan 2019

Architectural Drawings From Around the World

Not much information about this artist, so we will let their art talk.
It is an easy task as MISTER VI's drawings are compilations of beautiful architectural buildings, from around the world, with great detailing to showcase the structures, his attention to detail and his capable execution.  A great way of sightseeing buildings of different ages and locations, around our little blue planet.  Black and white illustrations that bring the wold to our screen and almost make them feel like they are in touching distance.

01-Palacio De Bellas-WIP-MISTER-VI-Architectural-Drawings-From-Around-the-World-www-designstack-co
Palacio De Bellas WIP.
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Strand Book Store New York.
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St Peter's with a gold wash - Vatican City, Rome.
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Inside the New York Public Library.
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Catedral Metroplolitana de la Cuidad de Mexico.
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Grand Central Terminal - 42nd and Madison.
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Empire State Building New York.
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Afternoon in Kathmandu on a trip to Nepal.
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Forbidden City Detail WIP.
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Police Building.
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Preparations for upcoming show.
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