4 Jun 2019

Home Interior Design Drawings

Want some interior design inspiration, or just enjoy some art, no nee to look any further...
Sergei Tihomirov, is great at this style, it's the coloring equivalent of sketching. Not every line is finished, equally, not every object and space are fully colored.  Bands of colors, striations and imperfections, are the very thing that adds character and a beautiful rustic feel, to the finished image.  Only when naming the various rooms, did I realise that there are a lot of different living room images, with just a few other rooms.  So, if you are looking to remodel this particular room, you are in luck, with plenty of ideas.   For a more varied assortment, please check the link below, that will take you to 2 more posts, of Tihomirov's work, on DesignStack.

more of Tihomirov's work

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Kitchen and Dining Room.
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Blue Living Room.
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Beige Living Room.
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Living Room and Terrace.
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Living Room Lamp.
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Living Room with Brickwork.
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Exposed Beams Living Room.
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Living Room with Chessboard.
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Internal Courtyard.
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