3 Jun 2019

Space Invaders Tiny House Architecture

An exercise in finding out the minimum space requirements, pertaining our homes and our lives in them.
Architects Studio Liu Lubin, went about finding the answer to this question. They analysed minimum heights widths, space requirements for: cooking, washing, standing, sleeping, toilet and relaxing.
The answer they came up with, was this great tiny house, that resembles the Space Invaders ship.
A few facts and specifications now:  - The Micro house is made with a "fibre reinforced foam composite", which is both light and strong.  They are made to fit into containers, to allow for shipping.
More modules can be combined together to make a bigger home and clusters of homes, can become a small village.  Because of its modular structure, if there is damage in one part, it can be swapped out for a brand new one, without impacting the rest of the habitation.
These homes are being used in Beijing, China, the project started a few years ago, but I haven't been able to find out anything recent, to see how it's working out.
A few years ago I saw a study by a Japanese architect, he came to the conclusion that people were more comfortable in confined spaces if the height of the rooms, was above normal.  Basically you can reduce the footprint if you can increase the height.  I can see some logic in that, but a balance has to be achieved not too much or to little.
With more meaningful research, we might get to some good results, in a market that needs to work for the user, the person, or people that live in it.  Homes are after all our sanctuary, a place that when it works as it should, you feel conferrable, warm, or cool, plus protected and relaxed.  via archdaily.

Front Elevation.
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Back Elevation.
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Simple Modular Structure.
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Complex Modular Structure.
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Micro Village.
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Study 2.
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Light and Airy.
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Side Profile.
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Night Time View.
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