20 Mar 2020

Tiny Home in Japan

A small cosy and compact home, that only measures 19m² (204.5ft²).
The home is called LOVE2 HOUSE, it was constructed in Tokyo, Japan and was completed in 2019. Takeshi Hosaka Architects came up with the concept and the design for this minimalist residence. The land around it measures 29.53m² (318ft²); both the size and the location of the plot, were chosen to fit with budgetary constraints. When devising a layout for the floor plan, lessons from the past were taken. Specifically, rules of essential spaces in Roman Villas, were used as inspiration. They identified five crucial areas: study, bathing, theatre, music and gastronomy.  If you look at the floor plan, you can see them all incorporated into this mostly space plan.  It has been a long time since I did a post on tiny houses. That is because I couldn't find anything significantly different from the previous posts. As you can see, this stand out and apart from the rest.

Front Elevation.
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Length of the Home.
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04-Length-of-the home-2-Takeshi-Hosaka-Tiny-Home-in-Japan-www-designstack-co
Length of the home 2.
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Reading and Dining area.
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Dining Area.
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Bedroom area.
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Light from the skylight.
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Street and Sliding Door.
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