25 Apr 2020

Emotions Expressed in Pencil Drawings

If you get it right, colors and portrait, can be a powerful combination.
I will explain the sentence above, in a second: first lets get to know a little bit more about Australian Georgina Kreutzer. She has gained a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture and a Master of Architecture. Kreutzer has worked / studied in Rome, Milan, and the Netherlands.

Wait a second... It almost looks like the profile of another person. This will begin to explain a bit: as well as working in architecture, she is an accomplished artist. Her striking hyper realistic drawings, are almost a exact copy of the real thing.

Still not there... All of this does not describe the post one little bit. That is because amongst all of the things she seems to excel at, the one that I most like is her color pencil portraits.

Here we go...  Quite a few qualities made me choose this part of her work, to the exclusion of all of the rest.  Corlor is not used exclusively to replicate the tones of the face in a realistic way,   They are used as a beautiful accent, to focus the attention on certain features.  This has the effect of amplifying not only the lines,  but also the expressions.  The last and best quality is the silent power these portraits exude.  They express it through their eyes and looks, that cut through the air to meet the viewers', leaving you almost transfixed in their gaze.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  Take care.🌿️🌺️🌿️  DS

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