11 Nov 2020

Eclectic mixture of Ink Drawings

A mix of concepts and styles but all drawn in ink.
The Inkmortal is an artist that does not reveal much more about themselves, except that they are from Guatemala.

Great drawings, some based on surrealism or fantasy and others on realistic views, plus all the gradients in between.

Artists, like in the case of this post, that have a different perspective of life; a way of seeing what does not conform with the strict rules governing reality. Personally, I find that a healthy dose of fantasy/surrealism helps make reality more interesting.

A way of viewing normal things and seeing it bust with imaginative potential, Inkmortal seems to do just that with their art.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
A wish on origami flying paper cranes.
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You know what they say, life finds a way.
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The balance between heart and brain.
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Can't make up my mind...
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The tree elephant.
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No sting in this scorpion just a beautiful flower.
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Fish showing off its fins.
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The turtle and the castle.
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A-framed house and the starry moonlit night.
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Your house on your own island.
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