14 May 2021

Chalk Charcoal Drawing Portraits

Drawings that work beautifully hand in had with the color of the background paper.

Mohammad Neghabi‌'s expressive drawings are always a pleasure to show on our site.  Subtle in tone and execution, they always leave you feeling better that when you started looking at them.

The most common social media question we get is for a description of the artist's materials.
If this was a recipe for these portraits, it would read something like this:

Add a spoonful of chalk to one of color pencil.  Mix thoroughly before adding a cup of charcoal.  Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture, as they will spoil the finish piece.  Spread on a sheet of Kraft paper and put in the oven for nine minutes at 375°F 190°C Gas Mark 5.  When done, remove from oven and let it cool.  If you have fallowed the instructions correctly, you should be looking at an amazing piece.

It goes with out saying that Neghabi‌'s drawings are the result of the perfect mixture.  That said, if you look at drawings 2 and 3 below, a slight change in the ingredients can result subtle but effective difference in results.

Sorry about that; I have just finished writing a surreal post and I think my mind was still working under the influence of fantasy.  I will be alright by the next one (tomorrow's one, it's about animal art) I will see you then.  Meanwhile enjoy Neghabi‌'s work.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Neghabi‌'s work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Transfixed, admiring a kind gesture.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Black and white portrait.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Color portrait.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
When you wish comes true.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Closing your eyes to transport yourself somewhere else.
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A tender expression of love.
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A mother and child.
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A kind and reassuring smile.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
An understanding of what it's going to take...
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A touching moment, hearing praise from a loved one.
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  1. Beautiful work! I like the dash of 'color'. It is just a hint of something "from a distance". The capturing of expression is very good as well. Often we see the 'same' expression on the faces, just different people. These people are all different, with different lives etc and it is expressed well by the artist of each of them.

    1. Great comment to enter the weekend, than you for sharing your views.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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