1 Mar 2022

9 Pencil and 1 Ink Creatures Drawing

Little creatures that populate surreal worlds. Thankfully, this artist has been able to reach them and show us.

Lotte Wagner
"is a freelance illustrator. Loves cookies, coffee, baking and the sea."

Even though there are one or two animals we recognise, the rest are pure flights of fancy by this artist,

Creatures' depictions where strange is not a bad thing, but rather becomes a synonym for sweet and cute. In a wold of surrealism, the normal rules don't apply and everything has to be redefined following a custom set of ideas.

Restrain your thoughts and you limit the potential of your mind/brain. That is why good surreal art is so captivating. It lets go of restrictions like pure logic, to experience reality in a very unreal way.

Try it out. The feeling is liberating. In the mean time you can use Wagner's work, as a worm up exercise.  
Creature transportation.
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Creatures hanging out.
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Penguin composer.
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Dragon sparkler.
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Dragon at the dentist.
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Beaver shop - crispy branches and twigs.
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A cat?...
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Moptop crayfish.
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A new hairstyle.
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In the barber's shop.
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