1 Mar 2023

Intricate Animal and Human Drawings

Animals and humans, seen though the perspective of an imaginative artist.

Ben Kwok aka (BIOWORKZ) is a Taiwanese graphic artist and illustrator based in Southern California. My advice is to look at the link below for plenty of art on this site and BIOWORKZ's actual site to see even more of his current work.

He is all about detailing. Giving his creations a second skin full of densely packed imagery. The past works we have of his, seemed to focus primarily on black and white whilst these days he seems to produce more in color.

The signature style of this talented artist is clear and linked from then to now. A way of showing how to re imagine a fresh look of animals and humans.

My absolute favourites on this page are the woman with horns and those beautiful roses plus, the  adorable purple rabbit.  Which ones are yours?

For more of Kwok's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Layered rhino.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Horns and roses.
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Eagle and skull.
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Purple rabbit.
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Alien skull.
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Majestic stag.
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Red fox.
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Three headed lion.
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The owl holds the key.
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Colourful jellyfish.
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