24 Mar 2023

Minimalist and Surreal Pencil drawings

A fantastical feeling about these drawings, which almost place them into another reality.

Brazilian Artist Henrique de Franca's work has had a real impact on me. I have described as a mix of minimalist and surreal art.

Scenes that look at the further reaches of familiar. I recognise the individual components of the illustration but, when put together, they acquire a less than routine look.

An amazingly strange feeling I can't put my finger on. I can't quite identify.

One thing I have left out amongst all of the wonder, it's the execution. It really empresses in its quality. Making some of the images look like those early vintage black and white photographs.

Definitely a different kind of post and drawings. Different in a good way. Actually, a beautiful way. The feeling I get when looking at them creates a fascinating atmosphere, which only enhances Franca's work. See what you think...
The artist at work.
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Escaping the heat of the day.
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Becoming a ghost.
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Exploring the lake.
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Memories disappearing.
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Resting on a sunny day.
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Returning home...
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Searching and playing in the water.
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A chance encounter.
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Waiting to the straggler.
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