13 Apr 2023

Ornate Animals in Zentangle Style

Wonderfully ornate animals, depicted in ink with a zentangle style.

Artist and Designer Nadezhda Molkentin makes this page to shine with the variety of critters on it.

There is so much to like about these drawings and their intricate patterns. In this post there is no point in highlighting one or more favourites, as there is something nice to say about them all.

Therefore, I will focus on some of the aspects that most capture my attention and feelings. The cuteness of the expression of the bull. They are mostly portrayed as strong and angry animals. In this this drawing the only thing which rises to the surface of its face, is sweetness. Then I look at the zebra and the banding of flowers to take the place of the black stripes.

I could continue down the page exalting the quality of each drawing and animal. Rather than doing that, I will let you discover them and find your own way through the things that impress you.
The Bull.
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The Zebra.
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The Wolf.
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The Armadillo.
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The Cat.
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The Eagle.
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The Elephant.
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The Little Dragon.
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The Fish.
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The Seahorse.
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The Jellyfish.
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The Hare.
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