27 Apr 2023

Traditional Mixed Media Drawings

Color pencils, graphite, gel pens and markers used to depict a variety of scenes.

Polish Artist Lukasz Biel creates both portraits and scenes on his site.

As you can see I have chosen the latter for this post. They are all sorts of activities we carry out on a daily or regular basis.. Things like: Going out with friends for a drink. Playing a friendly game of chess. Distracting our minds with a book whilst travelling, to obliterate the tediousness of the daily commute. Dancing with a partner and finally, a lot of "reading a book" scenes. Definitely activities people can relate to.

Scenes are a lot less popular than portraits as far as most artists are concerned. For me, they have an edge on the latter as there is much more to the story. Even a cursory look will tell you more and allows you to read the room and furnish it with all sorts of extra thoughts and suppositions.

Now to the image seeds, for you to germinate into stories...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Reading at the coffee shop.
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Hanging around with a friend.
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Having drinks with friends.
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Enjoying dancing.
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Reading whilst travelling.
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A friendly game of chess.
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Engrossed in an interesting book.
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Reading a large menu at the restaurant.
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Going through a stack of books.
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A hot summer's day.
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