6 Sept 2023

Animal and Creature Drawing Studies

Creatures and animals sharing the page. They are dressed in ink and pencil suits.

Czech Artist Petra Frankova has a vivid imagination and a great attention for detail.

Her work covers the ordinary and the extraordinary. Critters in a group or in pairs find companions to share the page they are on.

A mixture of finishes shows the versatility of this artist. From sketches, drawing studies, to the realistic commission of the dragon and the butterfly.

Other animals include: Birds, frogs, lizards, newts and fantastic beings, I don't begin to know the name of.

Reality and fantasy await you in this post. They are a little like condiments your eyes can sample. Try them apart or together. Happy dining.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Creatures hanging out.
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Little plump birds.
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The dragon and the butterfly.
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The newt party.
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Frogs, tadpoles and frog's eyes.
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Birds resting and taking flight.
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The frog and the butterfly.
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The creature and its ancestors.
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One, is not like all the other rabbits.
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Lizards and dragons.
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