14 Sept 2023

Black and White Animal Pencil Drawings

Animals drawings in black and white pencil depictions.

Marina GE showcases many more animals on her Instagram page. The ones below, are my favourite. One, which I had never seen or heard about.  The vampire deer.

Sweet little critters, beautifully drawn. They are sporting funny poses and big smiles. Like the one on the malamute.

At the moment I feel like the last drawing on the page.  The one of the cat. Every time I look at that image, it makes want to follow suit. I am really fighting the urge right now...

As well as all I have said above, the one illustration I really like is the one of the Iberian lynx. The details in the image and the amazing look, of the beautiful animal.
Iberian lynx.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Alaskan Malamute smiling.
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Golden Eagle.
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Vampire Deer or Tufted Deer.
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Red Panda.
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Fox cubs.
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Kitten discovered its tail.
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Sea Turtle flying.
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Purple Finch.
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Cat yawning.
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