9 Oct 2023

Ink Architecture Drawings Mostly of Lincoln

Architecture in the form of houses and shops around Lincoln in the UK. There are two exceptions. One is an apartment building in Manhattan, New York. The other one, a house in Pennsylvania.

M D Wright is a professional architectural illustrator and... Actually, I will let the artist's words explain: "I have spent the past few years illustrating many of Lincoln's enchanting, but often, lesser-known buildings - with a haunted twist." And: "The wee ghosties I add in the windows and doorways have almost become a signature of my work."

The buildings are shown as large group at first and then, some of the examples created at bigger scale.

Wright forms part of an elite group of artists whom can cram in massive amount of detailing into a relatively small image. To get an idea of the scale, look for the inclusion of the fineliner ink pen in the drawing.

I will leave you with the tour of Lincoln's magnificent and cosy, architectural designs. Watch out for the occasional ghost.
2 years in the making. 30 different Lincoln landmarks.
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Combinations of my Haunted Lincoln illustrations.
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Quaint little church.
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Spooky Lincoln shopfronts.
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Eastgate, Lincoln - Bridal collection.
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Haunted 80s vhs shop.
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Haunted Pennsylvania.
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Waverly Place, Manhattan.
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Vine's bakery.
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Quaint little shop.
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