16 Nov 2023

A Tree World of Ink Drawings

Tree and forest Ink drawings.

French artist ArtSeb is the creator of the illustrations on this page.

Each image, a small view into an amazing reality. The trees we see on this post look as manicuared and bonsai, but at full scale. We can guess this by the other details which accompany them. They are: The building architecture, people and animals.

The setting, design and overall precise looks of each one of these outstanding drawings, give them a beautifully fantasy feel.

I can see my self living in the tiny house of pic. 4 or the one under the forest of pic. 5. Relaxing with a cat in the shade of my tree island, of pic. 1. The are so many other images I can see my self enjoying in these magical surroundings. Nature in its simplest, minimalist and most beautiful expressions.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of S├ębastien's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
With my cat on my tree island.
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An ancient structure.
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A turtle tree.
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Tiny house hanging off a tree.
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House beneath the forest.
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Trees and moon.
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Playing amongst the trees.
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Views from the shade of the tree.
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A tree peninsula.
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Tree lifted on rocks.
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Tree with a massive trunk.
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