19 Dec 2023

Animal and One Architecture Drawing

Animals in many different situations, some fantastic and others, quite surreal.

Amongst Elena Cela works, I have chosen only one architecture one. It presents itself in the form of a beautiful and cosy cottage, contained in a snow globe.

Cela is the artist whom created all of the illustrations on this page.

I love manta Ray. Seeing them swimming in the sea, as they appear fly above the sea bed. In the first surreal drawing below, is made even more dream like, as they soar amongst the stars.

My second choice might be a more controversial one. It's the animal skull providing, in death, a home for the spiders. Something so sad as death, translated into comfort and the possibility of sustaining life.

The last one, also coincides with the final drawing here. The lamb playing on the trampoline, without a care in the world.  Pure happiness...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Manta surreal flight.
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The pigeon opera singer.
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Golden eagle.
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Cottage snow globe.
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Animals in carpool.
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The frog adventurer.
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Making a home in death.
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An ant honey feast.
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Bath and plastic duck.
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A lamb playing.
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