27 Feb 2024

Drawings of Animals and More on Wood

Images of animals encapsulating different subjects, all drawn on wood.

Jessica Galbreth found this charming base to create all of the illustrations below.

Critters form the majority of the subject matter here. That said, you can also find: Tiny House architecture and a human meeting with a seahorse friend. The works are all wrapped in a cosy veil of fantasy.

Words don't do the art on this post as much justice, as your eyes will. So I will leave you in their capable hands, in a matter of speaking.

Enjoy Galbreth's magical pictures...
The owl and the butterfly.
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The rabbit and the mushrooms.
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Tiny house x 3.
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The lady and the seahorse.
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The snail the rose and wind chime.
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The teacup mouse and flowers.
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The koi fish.
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The hummingbird and flower.
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The pumpkin house.
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The moon cat.
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The owl and the moon.
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