28 Feb 2024

Subtle Portrait Pencil Drawings

A delicate and subtlety drawn pencil portrait drawings.

This post showcases the work of Italian Art Student Arena Salvatore.

A lovely soft stroke of the graphite pencil, sees these people and one statue, depicted in various stages of completion.

I get the feeling they are all finished no WIP, just a dose of well-appointed minimalism.  A way of making sure to leave some details to the imagination. It also has the effect of redirecting our focus on more prevalent features of the face. Maybe a clever redirection from this young artist?

A midweek relaxing post.  One which will hopefully allow you to take a breath, before plunging in head first, into the second part of the week...
Relaxing with music.
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A distracted look.
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Statue photo vs drawing.
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The girl with loop earrings.
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Making sense of the scene.
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A serene profile.
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Figure appearing or disappearing?
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A three quarter portrait.
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Trying to recollect the details.
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A really nice subtle smile.
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