30 Apr 2024

Black Watercolor Ghost Human and Animal Paintings

Black and white watercolor paintings bring together humans and animals.

Indonesian Artist Elicia Edijanto painted all of the art on this page.

Beautiful minimalist depictions.  A kind of a hint of the scene.  They bring out the silhouettes of living beings and some times a little glimpse, of their surroundings.

The amazing relations between beings on this planet.  They are explored with different species making acquaintances, with a human.  By and large, they seem to be young ones of our kind.

Many of them appear set at nighttime, with others at dawn and during a sunset.

I usually leave serene, relaxing posts like this, to the end of the week.  I hope it's the perfect fit for you, if you need to release some of that built up tension.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The child and the horse.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The child and the tiger.
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The child and the puppy.
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The child and the dog.
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The child and the wolf.
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The child and the stag.
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The child and the dog 2.
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The child and the wolf 2.
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The tiger and the cherry blossoms.
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The Dog and the dancing child.
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