29 Apr 2024

Ink and Marker Sketchbook Architecture Drawings


Ink and marker pen drawings of architecture.

Architectural Student Angelina is the artist whom created all of the art on this page.

There is one drawing of a Cathedral.  All the rest, depict residential buildings.  Most of them, detached houses with a further two apartment buildings.

Lovely homes, many drawn in proximity of water.  The possibility of flooding aside, I would love to live next to a body of water.  

I like the first illustration down.  I wished more rooms would face the water, though.  The fifth drawing is more like it.  With your own private beach to go with it.  Furthermore, the raised setting, reduces the possibility of the flooding, 

Does any one of these look like it could be your fantasy home/s?

House overlooking the lake.
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Smolny Cathedral.
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Glass house.
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A-Frame house.
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House on the river.
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House views of the sea.
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Houses facing the lake.
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Glass and timber house.
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Amber building.
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Church tower in the background.
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