8 May 2024

Colour and Black and White Pencil Portraits

Portraits, which come in colour and black and white drawings.

Rubi Glaz is the artist whom created all of the art on this page.

A lovely collection of illustrations, showcasing many different aspects and styles of portraiture.

Plenty of emotions, expressed through expressions.  Some, more subtle than others.  To see the extreme of these statements, have a look at the following:  The almost neutral look of the 2nd drawing down, when compared to the certainty of the look of drawing 5.

The second drawing down, is one of my favourites.  The wonderful choices of colours, mixed with a more difficult to read expression.  The person in the drawing looking at something just above your head or staring into space whilst her mind is in a completely different place.

Can you see your favourite amongst these wonderful pieces?

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
A portrait in light and shadow.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Light blue hair and eyes.
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Resting your chin on your knee.
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Pale features and hair.
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A questioning look.
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The lady and the cat.
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A stylish look.
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A sideways look.
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Unkempt hair and glasses.
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A profile portrait.
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A look of interest.
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