14 Jan 2019

Vintage Tiny House with a Modern Twist

A covered wagon, that has has amazing views of its surroundings.
Steve Areen, is the designer and builder of this beautiful vintage looking Tiny House.  I will let his words guide you through an overall understanding of this project.  "For the past few years I’ve been enjoying living part time on beautiful Yandoit Farm, near Melbourne Australia. My friends Micheal and Lisa, with help from volunteers from around the world, are doing an amazing job transforming what was once a dried up ranch into a lush organic farm, using permaculture principles."
It looks so cosy and relaxing, that I can just imagine the night under the stars and the days, observing nature, from your own embracing cocoon.

Wood Stove and Entrance.
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Bed Area and Music Playing Area.
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Shade for the Australian Heat.
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Food Preparation Area.
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Wood Stove.
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Entrance to the Wagon.
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Retractable Dining Area.
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Fantastic Views.
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Exterior Photograph Cover up.
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Cover Down.
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Fits in its Environment.
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Metal Frame.
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Great Craftsmanship.
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Enjoying the Starry Night.
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