31 May 2020

Architecture Tied to Fantasy Drawings

Art and architecture, beautifully intertwined in this artist's work.
This is how Polish Artist Elwira Pawlikowska introduces herself: "I graduated from Warsaw Faculty of Architecture and work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist".

Her work is mostly created using traditional methods; she occasionally adds a dash of digital art, to infuse that extra bit of magic. A lot of variety in this page, with some drawings some paintings; buildings inspired by the middle-ages and others of pure fantasy.

Each one of these building and settings, could represent a level of a computer game, or a location in an awesome novel. It could also be the starting point of a wonderful dream, or a more intense and thriller / horror based one.

Art that has many facets all reflecting back at us; not a bright light and colors like a diamond, but worlds of reverie and adventure.

Cling onto the weekend a wile longer, and take refuge in the comfort and safety of the universe of your imagination. Monday is but hours away, a lifetime, if you live in the moment...

For more of Pawlikowska's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

Gothic Cathedral.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Steampunk Town Square.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Magicians Palace.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Haunted Pond and Sundial.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Medieval Buildings.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Medieval Buildings 2.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Medieval Village.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Manor House.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Pumpkin House.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Mill Cottage.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Slavic Hut.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Temple on the cliff.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Swamp Castle.
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