23 Feb 2024

Varied Colour Pencil Drawings

Delightful drawings covering many different subjects.

American Artist Arielle Komie is the one to be applauded for the art on this post.

So many lovely scenes and styles, studied by the artist on this page.  Now, a bullet point description as to what is awaiting you below....

We start with two urban settings looking at architectural landscapes. Following that, we have two sunsets in very different settings. Time for food, in the form of a cupcake and pancakes. A drawing tutorial of an eye and a reference vs photo drawing. Finally, a rose with it's beautiful petals in bloom and a wonderful looking snow globe.

Exceptionally executed art, which include recreations of photographic techniques like the bokeh effect.  You can see it in the last drawing, the one of the snow globe. Look at the lights behind it...
Paris rooftops and Eiffel Tower.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
A view of the castle.
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Sunset on the beach.
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Sunset in the flower trail.
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Strawberry cupcake.
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Strawberry Pancakes.
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Tutorial eye step by step.
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Jewel pendant reference vs drawing.
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Rose flower petals.
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Gingerbread house snow globe.
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