21 Mar 2021

Fantasy and Classical Architecture

A lovely mixture of fantasy imagined designs and real-world architecture.

Sahil Sajwan defines himself as an "Amateur illustrator".

I like his technique, choice of buildings and the lovely details he furnished his art with.

Amazing buildings all of them; there isn't one amongst them, I wouldn't want to live in. Some I would pick first, but I would experience all of them even if for a short stay.

Home sweet home... Most of these, would probably describe the upper end of that definition for almost all of us. That said, a couple of touches around the home and we too can get a feel of a castle, chateau, lighthouse or mill.   Be imaginative and seek inspiration online, there are so many ideas there.

Make yourself a comfortable home and you will have somewhere you can recharge and enjoy... Have a wonderful Sunday.
Empty Streets.
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Chateau De Maintenon.
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The Old Mill - Vernon, France.
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Gothic Stone Window.
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Tiny House.
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The Chateau D'Olhain.
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Medieval House.
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08-Burg Eltz-Mosel-River-Germany-Sahil-Sajwan-www-designstack-co
Burg Eltz, Mosel River, Germany.
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Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
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Faro Tourlitis, Andros, Greece.
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Chateau De Ratilly.
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